Framing Suggestions

How to Frame Your Print


Where to Find Affordable Custom Framing

Custom framing doesn't have to be expensive.  My favorite way to keep things affordable while still being able to completely customize everything is to use an online custom framing shop.  You choose the frame, mat, and sizes and they custom make everything for you, and send you the joined frame plus everything else you need.  You assemble it yourself, and save a ton of money doing so.  

Some sites that offer affordable custom framing are:


Ready-Made Frame Options

There are a variety of wonderful ready-made frames available if you want to just pop your print in a frame and be done.  Sites like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Ikea all have a large variety of frames available at very reasonable prices.  It just takes a little effort to find the right size.  I've scoped out some of my favorite options here to help you get started.

 What Size is your Print?
SQUARES :   5x5     8x8    12x12     16x16 
RECTANGLES :   5x7     8x10     11x14     16x20


A Note on Archival Cotton Rag Mats vs. Paper Mats

My prints are all archival, and I highly recommend making sure the mat you use is also archival and acid-free.  When your purchasing your mat, it is best to avoid "paper mats" - this type will usually start to turn yellow after just a few years, and can cause your artwork to yellow as well.  A cotton rag mat is always your best choice.

Already Have a Frame you Like?

Maybe you already have a frame you like, or you've found an antique frame that you'd like to use.  You can use any frame that's bigger than your print if you have a mat custom cut to fit.  

Here are some instructions on how to get a mat custom cut to fit any frame.